Whether you’re interested in innovations in applied Jewish wisdom happening in organizations similar to your own, intrigued by practical ways that applied Jewish wisdom can happen successfully, or curious about potential partners – we are pleased to profile our 2016 Semi-finalists, whose programs you may explore using the search tools below.

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14th Street Y

The 14th Street Y is an open, welcoming, vibrant Jewish community center located in the heart of the East Village.

Jewish Federation Greater MetroWest NJ / The Partnership

Teens are provoked, and then coached to find Jewish texts that imbue new meaning to the things they are most passionate about.

24/6: A Jewish Theater Company

24/6: A Jewish Theater Company is a home for Sabbath observant artists. We are committed to innovative theater grounded in Jewish tradition.

Center for Jewish Nonviolence

June 2017 marks fifty years since the 1967 war. Diaspora Jews will join Israelis & Palestinians for Six Days of Jewish Nonviolence.

Judaism Your Way

8th Night Passover Seder for all Jews and loved ones. New theme & freedom journey each year #crossingtheseawithJYW


Cultivates soil and soul to produce food, transform identity and gather a community changing the world through vibrant, evolving Judaism.

Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at the University of Virginia

The ASB Service-Learning Fellowship introduces Jewish wisdom as a lens through which we explore identity and personal responsibility.

Bible Raps

Rap LP of tefilot, created virtually by students, using Bible Raps’ methodology and Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy’s platform.

Art Kibbutz

International Jewish artist residency, community and a hub.

Ask Big Questions

Ask Big Questions Jewish conversation guides: Empowering learning and reflection, awakening Jewish wisdom, and renewing Jewish citizenship

At The Well

At The Well promotes Jewish women’s health and spirituality by creating curricula and community for monthly in-home Rosh Chodesh meetings.


Innovative experience for upper-elementary children teaching Torah values and life skills in a supportive after-school environment.

Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education

Ayeka for 2 - A DIY module of spiritual growth for 2 friends, with texts, reflective writing, directed sharing, & post-session applications.

Ayeka: Center for Soulful Education

To bring Soulful Education to more schools and organizations, Ayeka needs to expand its senior educational staff.

Wilderness Torah

B’naiture, a ground-breaking two-year rite of passage journey for pre-teens, integrates Jewish wisdom, nature connection, and mentorship.


BBYO changes the game by training teen leaders & staff to deliver quality creative programs w/ deep Jewish content #JEI #TLA #GameChangers

Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center

Beneath the Surface adds empowerment and experiential learning to Bat Mitzvah so it becomes an entry into Jewish life rather than an exit.

Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center

Beyond the Huppah provides tools to solidify a strong partnership and explore different ways of creating a Jewish home.

Gather the Jews

A weekend experience for Jewish 20s and 30s from DC looking for alternative ways to understand, and connect to, their Jewish identity.

Bible Raps

Virtual Bible Raps Workshops recreate the power & impact of our in-person workshops, virtually, using WiFi, a smartphone and digital video.

Brandeis University

Inspiring summer programs that challenge young Jewish creatives and change-makers to discover themselves, their passions, and their power

BJE: Builders of Jewish Education

BJE Impact inspires Jewish youth to engage in meaningful service opportunities that combine action, Jewish learning, and identity building.

Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago

Our Melton School promotes a sophisticated understanding of Judaism through sequential study of Jewish sources in a welcoming environment.

Adas Israel Community Mikvah

Mikvah....old school or in style? Bodies of Water introduces ritual immersion as a tool for positive body image from a Jewish perspective.

Brandeis University

Creating a culture that rejects get refusal—a form of domestic abuse—and educating & advocating for women in the Jewish divorce process

Ganei Beantown: Beantown Jewish Gardens

The Boston Jewish Food Conference is an annual opportunity for Jews of all backgrounds to share knowledge & build bonds across experiences.

Tanger Hillel at Brooklyn College

Bridging the Gap unifies young NYC Jews by bringing diverse students together to build community and craft their own Jewish journeys.

YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood

Camp Twelve Trails is a new concept day camp that holistically integrates Jewish content while fostering 21st Century Skills and character.

Career Up

Career Up inspires Jewish relevancy for emerging professionals (18-26 year olds) through their interests in career, travel and social good.

Carolina Jews for Justice

CJJ's monthly email news and social media combine news events in NC with Jewish wisdom to engage the community in public policy.

Carolina Jews for Justice

CJJ West builds relations with the Black community through friendships, support of Black owned businesses, and advocacy for social justice.


ChaiVillageLA is a synagogue-based, self-governing village that enables members to age-in-place while enriching each other’s lives.

Challah for Hunger

Our recipe 4 applying Jewish wisdom: Take thousands of volunteers, mix challah baking, community & giving, finish with activism & leadership

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

Clergy Camp is four days of intensive continuing education for ordained field practitioners, comprised of study, practice and reflection.

Cleveland Yentas

Cleveland Yentas aspires to grow and strengthen Jewish Cleveland by matching Jewish singles in and affiliated with Greater Cleveland.

Leichtag Commons

We seed new ideas around sustainable farming and Jewish life; we grow healthy food; and we share the harvest with our local community.

Congregation Beit Simchat Torah

The Cooperberg-Rittmaster Rabbinical Internship at CBST disseminates the values and practices of LGBTQ Yiddishkeit throughout the U.S.

A Way In

For 49 days we focus our attention on aligning our mind, body and spirit so we can live with greater clarity and bring forth goodness.

Mechon Hadar

Reinvigorating Jewish life through song – using music to make Jewish communities more dynamic and compelling.

The Well

Timely topics. Expert speakers. Small group text breakouts. Poetry, Torah, rap lyrics, Talmud, news clips, Maimonides. Judaism is relevant.

Custom & Craft

We’re a cooperative media lab, helping Jews share their wisdom through design & online video.

The Jewish Studio Project

Dare to Prepare, a yearlong series of creative learning workshops, explores the question, How can the upcoming Jewish holiday transform me?

In the City Camp

An independent, pluralistic, affordable Jewish day camp providing an experience that achieves many of the same results as overnight camp.

Detroit Jews for Justice

Building a progressive voice in the metro Detroit Jewish community and our Jewish voice in the progressive community.

Different Like You

Our program is a journey of self-discovery and inclusion bridging team building, giving, and community in a massively powerful experience.

A Way In

Psalms with accessible translations help us navigate the fullness of life and meet each encounter with gratitude, awareness and grace.

JOIN for Justice

Don’t Kvetch, Organize!: JOIN for Justice’s online course teaches leaders nationally how to mobilize Jewish communities for justice.

Camp Tawonga

Tawonga brings joyous Judaism down from the mountaintop of summer camp and into the lives of pre-camp kids and their families year round.

Beit T'Shuvah

EBI empowers professionals to create healthy communities by educating professionals on addiction, prevention, recovery and family systems.

Jewish LearningWorks

Embodied Jewish Learning offers alternative points of entry to Jewish life via classes, retreats and trainings in body-based text study.

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

An experiential, movement-based training program in embodying Judaism in four key areas: prayer, Torah, kabbalah, and life cycle.


Encounter is a non-partisan educational organization galvanizing constructive Jewish leadership on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Etgar 36

Use your voice for change. Discover your American and Jewish identities by experiencing history, politics & activism on an Etgar 36 journey.

Fast for Feast

Fast for Feast feeds the hungry by restoring the custom of donating the dollars saved from fasting, thereby transforming a fast into feast.

Kol Ḥai: Hudson Valley Jewish Renewal

Musical, magical, meaningful, & multigenerational Shabbat experiences: kid- & elder-accessible services held in an assisted living facility.

Ways of Peace Community Resources

Reclaiming tzedakah as “just-giving"—practicing social justice, sustainability and spirituality through our Jewish cycles of release

Girls in Trouble

beautiful indie-folk songs about the complicated lives of women in Torah (including live performance, albums, teaching, & curriculum)

Your way home for Shabbat & beyond: like JDate for families, we help you come & eat & celebrate together. Welcome & you will be welcomed.

Pearlstone Center

Ever wanted a Jewish Farmers Almanac? Try the Torah! Pearlstone takes Jewish tradition off the page and plants it into living soil.

Moving Traditions

Moving Traditions helps teens grow into healthy, Jewishly-connected adults by applying Jewish wisdom to teens’ lives.

Hebrew Free Loan Society

Providing unique, culturally-sensitive training to position women to launch or grow businesses and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Hebrew Free Loan Society

Fostering self-sufficiency among New Yorkers in need through interest-free lending, drawing on Jewish tradition to meet current needs.

The Kitchen: Slow Down Jew Up

Hello Mazel is a box of Jewish goods & guides curated by a team of experts & sent 4 times/year to Jews and the “Jew-curious” world-wide.


Hevria is building a new kind of Jewish community: one that values creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. And we're starting online.

Hidden Sparks

Hidden Sparks helps children with learning differences reach their potential by increasing understanding for teaching to diverse learners.

Judaism Your Way

Free, outdoor, High Holy Day services where Jews and loved ones explore Judaism through a lens of inclusion. Engaging, accessible, lovely.

Israeli-American Council

Shishi-Israeli is an inclusive, cultural, community event which unites Israeli and Jewish Americans.

Temple Beth Sholom

iLimud is Jewish education that is created for teens preparing them for the future and inspires them to explore Jewish adulthood.

JLens Investor Network

JLens ignites the conversation in the Jewish community on impact investing through a Jewish lens.


A global community bringing together Jewish values and the power of business to repair our world.


Interfaith couples & families: you’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. is your place to explore Jewish life

JDC Entwine

We create the Jewish people at every moment. Kol yisrael areivim ze la’ze for our generation: awareness, connection, responsibility.

Jewish Climate Action Network

JCAN works with Jewish institutions and individuals to form a distinctly Jewish understanding of and response to climate disruption.


What is your Jewish dream, observation or vision? Inspired by TED talks, JDOV invites speakers to give “the Jewish talk of their life.”

JewBelong is an online community that provides fun, easy, meaningful Jewish content in a uniquely welcoming voice to a diverse audience.

Aytzim: Ecological Judaism provides an online home for the Jewish environmental movement.

T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Our tradition inspires rabbis and Jewish communities to end mass incarceration & police violence in U.S. @truahrabbis teaches how.

Shaarei Shamayim

Jewish community members will explore traditional Jewish texts to engage in respectful dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Jewish Enrichment Center

The Jewish Enrichment Center is an independent Sunday/Afterschool where children are powerful co-creators of Jewish life.

Temple Ner Tamid

JFJ enhances the ability of parents of young children to transmit Judaism at home, and creates friendships and connections to the temple.

Jewish Graduate Student Initiative

The JGSI Fellowship engages grad students in Jewish learning and connects them to Jewish leaders and nonprofits in the wider community.

Yeshivat Netivot Montessori

We teach the philosophy and methodology of Jewish Montessori for replication across the country, suited to the needs of each community.

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

JNLI, a six-month course for Jewish communal professionals in Cincinnati, teaches leadership through the lens of Jewish text and philosophy.

Jewish Parent Academy (c/o RCII)

Jewish Parent Academy provides a high caliber, intensive, non-denominational Jewish adult education for Russian-speaking Jewish parents.

Swig Program in Jewish Studies and Social Justice (University of San Francisco)

Utilizing Jewish culture, history, politics, and language to better understand and strengthen marginalized communities around the globe.

Jewish Teen Funders Network

Hundreds of programs. Thousands of teens. Millions of dollars. JTFN works to strengthen and grows the field of Jewish teen philanthropy.


The JVL has more than 25,000 entries on every subject from anti-Semitism to Zionism and reaches nearly 1 million visitors per month.

Jewish Without Walls

Shabbat In A Box - Turn Friday night into a themed Shabbat party with friends, family and grape juice.

Maryland Hillel

JWLC affords 120 college-aged women the opportunity to explore Jewish female leadership at a time critical in their identity formation.

Jewish Women's Renaissance Project

Inspire a woman, you inspire a family. Inspire enough families, you inspire a community. Inspire enough communities, you change the world.

Jews in ALL Hues

JIAH supports Jews of diverse backgrounds and empowers individuals & communities to create welcoming Jewish spaces.

Jewish Learning Venture

Engaging families with young children in Jewish life, learning, and community. jkidphilly is for families just like yours!

The Rohr Jewish Learning Institute

JLI Teens is an innovative program that encourages teens to take a pro-active role and make a difference in their communities.

Jewish Rock Radio

Free Jewish rock music for YOU and YOU and YOU! Sounds like camp/youth group/Israel to me #JewishMusicForAll


The most accurate, comprehensive, affordable, accessible Jewish Genetic Disease screening in the world. Spit. Mail. Results. Counseling.

Board of Jewish Education of Metropolitan Chicago provides content-rich tools for Jewish educators to inspire their students to make their lives Jewish lives.

Institute for the Next Jewish Future

An online idea center that inspires and empowers "regular Jews" to remix and rebuild Judaism in ways that work for them.


Netiya develops garden based food programs on faith-based institutions’ land to support local community and foster food sovereignty.

JustCity Leadership Institute

JustCity is a transformative pre-college program, training students in the fundamentals of Jewish change leadership.

Jewish Federation Greater MetroWest NJ / The Partnership

Teens are charged with understanding social injustices through integration of research, guided Jewish learning and direct service.


The Kevah Groups Program is an educational model that brings the spirit of the classical Beit Midrash into living rooms and friend circles.

MIT Hillel

Give a student a free Kindle. Invite them to choose books to read. Discuss them within a diverse community. Watch magic happen.

L'Chaim Cooking Club

Monthly kosher cooking club honors the memories of Jewish women in the Holocaust by cooking their family recipes and sharing their stories.


Lab/Shul Rebrands the Sacred for the 21st century - DIY, god-optional, empowering and everybody-friendly approaches to ritual and liturgy.

Shalhevet High School

LaHaV provides content, technology, and training to schools and educators across the world in order to bring Jewish learning to life.

Kol Tzedek Synagogue and POWER Interfaith

Let My People Vote brings the riches of Judaism to the needs of humanity by enlisting voters to make a difference in shaping the world.


Building community and providing support for LGBTQ ultra-Orthodox single parents going through divorce and child custody battles.

Big Tent Judaism

Like Buzzfeed, humorous interpretations of Torah, and ways to apply such wisdom to better one’s life (“life hack”).

Livnot U'Lehibanot

Livnot U'Lehibanot is dedicated to making Tu B'Shvat an internationally celebrated Jewish life cycle event.

Lookstein Virtual Jewish Academy

An online school that connects students to substantive Jewish texts, values, and ideas, while supporting local Jewish school growth.

Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington, DC

A leader in the interfaith inclusion movement, the Love and Religion workshop has guided Jewish interfaith couples for 20 years.

Camp Stone

A challenging outward bound camp program that molds Jewish teens into thoughtful, motivated and resilient community leaders.

Camp Stone

Jewish heritage comes alive for 4th-9th graders in a camp culture where everyone matters. That’s the allure of Camp Stone.

Maimonides Hebrew Day School

Maimonides Better Together students & seniors share & grow together; students actualize their study & seniors share their life experiences

Foundation for Jewish Camp

Scientific framework and taxonomy of character help re-frame Jewish wisdom to be accessible, relevant, and transformational.


Did you know? Every portion of the Torah contains a message of inclusion. Matan shares that message every week. Click. Read. Learn. Share.


Ability. Disability. Humanity. They coexist, and so do we. We are all created B’tzelem Elohim, in God’s image. Sign the pledge.

Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and Education Center

The majority of our visitors never get wet! Our education center has pioneered experiential programs about mikveh and Jewish ritual.

Congregation Mekor Shalom

Connect each person to the teachings of Tradition, to God, & one to another. Weave the presence of each person into the communal tapestry.


Through MEOR Poland, Jewish college students grapple with the Holocaust alongside Jewish sources focused on morality and ethics.


MEOR NYU Maimonides engages college students in dialogue with their ancient texts and heritage.


Through 2-3 weeks of study in Israel MEOR Vision inspires college students to develop personal visions that will drive their Jewish futures.

Harry & Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center

The Jewish Artists' Lab is a community of professional Jewish artists studying together, exploring the richness of being a Jewish artist.

MoEd Community

MoEd Community is Hebrew afterschool for the next generation--joyful Jewish learning that kids are eager to attend.

Moment Magazine

Moment’s senior discussion groups reflect on life’s learnings. Program content blends life experience and Moment features.

Yedidya Center for Jewish Spiritual Direction

Training Jews to support other Jewish seekers to deepen & integrate their spiritual experiences, Jewish learning & practices in their lives

Meaningful Life Center

People of all ages from around the world submitted original essays applying a concept from Judaism to solve a contemporary challenge.

Nahum Goldmann Fellowship sponsored by the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture

In a global Jewish community, increasingly marked by acrimony and divergence, the Nahum Goldmann Fellowship fosters thoughtful connection.

Nishmah, The St. Louis Jewish Women's Project, a department of the St. Louis JCC

Nishmah’s Women’s Shabbat retreat offers a unique Shabbat experience for women of different generations, phases of life and affiliations

Nishmah, The St. Louis Jewish Women's Project, a department of the St. Louis JCC

Banot Buddies engages 2nd-4th grade girls in experiential, values-based activities that look at “girlhood” issues through a Jewish lens.

No Shame On U

No Shame On U is dedicated to ending mental health stigma, raising awareness and saving lives in the Jewish community and beyond.

North Shore Teen Initiative

A national model for keeping teens engaged in Jewish learning and living by expanding access to programs that put Jewish values into action.

Northeast Teen Collective

The Northeast Teen Collective is an ambitious initiative focused on youth engagement and leadership development throughout the Northeast.

The Soul Center

The Soul Center is a spiritual start-up, powered by Judaism. Mindfulness, healing and rejuvenation programs will enhance our busy lives.

PresenTense Group

The NYC Accelerator equips Jewish entrepreneurs with the network, tools, & skills to launch social impact ventures & transform communities

Oakland Hebrew Day School

OHDS Middot Learning builds on core Jewish values to develop a deeper awareness of self, respect for other and responsibility for our world.


OneTable empowers Jewish young adults to build community by creating their own authentic Shabbat dinners, leading to a lifelong practice.

Judaism Your Way

Open Tent Bar/Bat Mitzvah: creative education and customized ceremonies for Jewish coming of age. #celebrate Jewish spirituality your way

Or HaLev Center for Jewish Spirituality and Meditation

Transformational Jewish meditation retreats and workshops on 3 continents, teaching concrete techniques for deepening one’s life.

Orot: Center for New Jewish Learning

Orot opens up innovative entry points to Jewish wisdom and empowers all Jews to take hold of Judaism and bring it into their everyday lives.


Building community, providing support, and promoting inclusion for LGBTQ Jews and their families in the Orthodox community.


Building a more inclusive Orthodox community through LGBTQ safe space training for student leaders on college campuses.

Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

PRSSP applies centuries of Jewish wisdom to teach day school students how to constructively engage in and resolve conflicts in their lives.

Hebrew College

Parents come together to find community and learn from Jewish sources of wisdom.

Be'chol Lashon

Passport to Peoplehood links Jewish wisdom and traditions around the world to contemporary values of diversity and inclusion.

Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Jewish Wellness is the intersection of wellness with Jewish wisdom and practices, promoting Shleimut - wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

Abundance Farm

Abundance Farm is a Jewish food justice farm, outdoor classroom and community building space inspired by Jewish values and tradition,

PresenTense Group

PresenTense Colorado empowers Jewish teens to develop entrepreneurial skills and core Jewish values to make an impact in the present tense.

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

Profiles in Courage is an exploration of moral courage within Jewish and Christian traditions, focusing on those who resisted the Holocaust.

Mechon Hadar

Modern technology, ancient texts. Havruta (1-on-1 partner learning) builds meaningful relationships between Jews around the world.

Big Tent Judaism

Bringing the Jewish community out of the walls of its institutions through programs in public spaces because that's where people are.

Goldring/Woldenberg Institute of Southern Jewish Life (ISJL)

ISJL's 2 staff rabbis + great volunteer rabbis travel to bring Torah and Jewish life to Jewish people, no matter how small their community

Kivun: A Jewish Educational Experience at Chabad of the West Side

Rechov Mitzvot takes Kivun first graders outside of the classroom to learn Jewish values and Mitzvot in our Upper West Side neighborhood.

Repair the World

Creating a Jewish community of service: empowering young Jews to connect the pursuit of social justice to their expression of Jewishness.

The Tribe

Tribesters meet monthly at a temporary residential facility for a Jewish learning and, subsequently, volunteer with children, birth to 12.

National Ramah Commission

Because camp is only the beginning: learning and connection for Ramah and YJ alumni and friends, wherever they are in life’s journey.

Mechon Hadar

Can nonprofits accept money from crooks? Can you bend the rules for the sake of community? Jewish wisdom applied to real life questions....

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College/Jewish Reconstructionist Communities

Ritualwell is a website for finding, creating and sharing new and traditional rituals to enhance daily life and Jewish connection.

Brody Jewish Center, Hillel at the University of Virginia

The Rosh Chodesh group utilizes the Jewish calendar to celebrate womanhood, build community and understand our unique selves

Hillel at Virginia Tech

How Low-Background Jewish College Students Learned to Tackle Torah and Cement Their Place in the Jewish Narrative

Ways of Peace Community Resources

Honoring the poor and protecting the earth through Jewish traditions of simple, natural burial

Sinai and Synapses

Jews love science -- often more than they love Judaism. So how can science help create new connections to Judaism and spirituality?

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

Slifka Center’s Seders To Go enables college students to create their own Jewish memories and practice Jewish wisdom with their peers.

Sela Public Charter School

Infusing Israeli innovation into a diverse community of life long learners.

Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice

Selah is a transformative leadership experience for leaders seeking to build a more powerful Jewish social justice movement.

Seventeenth Street Delicatessen

A Jewish Deli in Tulsa, OK, the 17th St. Deli is a hub for community, culture and one fantastic sandwich. Old world flavors + Oklahoma made.

Maryland Hillel

Shabbat has since time immemorial strengthened the Jewish people. SHABAM harnesses Shabbat to create vibrant Jewish life.


Ready to fix the world? The magic begins with Shaboom! - an animated Jewish kids’ series from BimBam. For kids 4-7 and their grown-ups.


Preparing children to lead meaningful Jewish lives by bringing a pluralistic, Jewish values-based education to synagogues and families.


Expands awareness of the Sabbatical tradition, bringing its values to life to support a healthier, more sustainable Jewish community/world.

Jewish Farm School

Reviving the traditions of Jewish homesteading by teaching practical skills of sustainability rooted in the rhythms of the Hebrew calendar.


Sichat Rabbanim: individualized programs of intellectual, spiritual, personal and professional growth and mentoring for rabbis.

Sixth & I

An inclusive, participatory 35-week workshop designed to create a kehillah kedoshah for today’s diverse Jewish community.

Jewish Community Center of St. Louis

Songleader Boot Camp creates immersive & inspirational Jewish leadership programs for clergy, educators, & songleaders from all over the US.

Valley Beit Midrash

Through a lens of ancient & contemporary Jewish wisdom, Start Me Up! fellows acquire the skills & funding to launch new Jewish organizations


Startup18's social venture lab and accelerator supports Jewish entrepreneurs in San Diego founding appealing ways to “do Jewish”.


Maven Method: Judaism’s oldest sacred storytelling tool, adapted to translate Judaic wisdom into current, accessible modern meaning.

T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

T'ruah's year-long program in Israel & summer fellowship in NYC train future clergy to bring their rabbinic voice to human rights

Maryland Hillel

Students are best positioned to engage their peers in Jewish life. This initiative trains 100 students to impact 2,500 peers each year.

T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Here come the #Tomato Rabbis: Fighting for Justice with Florida's Farmworkers!

The Community Synagogue

Find out how one synagogue brought happiness to town #OyToJoy

ALEPH: Alliance for Jewish Renewal

DLTI transforms Jewish communal prayer so that it activates the body, engages heart and mind, and nourishes genuine spiritual growth.

Center for

Maine Conference for Jewish Life is an opportunity for superior Jewish learning and joyous celebration in central Maine.


The Matan Institute provides one-of-a-kind intensive training and ongoing mentorship for Jewish educators, empowering inclusion nationwide.

Center for

Extremely affordable immersive Jewish summer fun and education for kids in rural Maine, focusing on Hebrew, middot, and building community.

Or Shalom Jewish Community

The News Minyan is a new spiritual form that brings Jewish wisdom to bear on current events.

Leichtag Commons

The Hub is a collaborative coworking space with a community of social entrepreneurs and a venue for events and cultural experiences.

Mishkan Chicago and Svara: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva

Svara + Mishkan = the world's most exciting place for serious Jewish learning and for seriously accessible Talmud study.

The Shalom Center

Prophetic voice in Jewish, multifaith, & US life, drawing on Jewish wisdom to seek peace, eco-social justice, & healing of our wounded Earth

The Kitchen: Slow Down Jew Up

SMSH is an interactive, Torah-in-the-streets Shavuot scavenger hunt/learning adventure that takes families on a Jewish educational journey.

Maimonides Hebrew Day School

"The Torah Times" - It's What's Happening! - Creative Torah Journalism

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

The Tikkun Middot Project supports personal & communal transformation through mindfulness practice & the cultivation of moral traits.

BINA: The Jewish Movement for Social Change

Connecting young adults to Jewish culture & tikkun olam thru direct service & experiential learning in the diverse city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

Tivnu: Building Justice

Tivnu Gap Year uses a Jewish framework to address social justice, empowering young Jews to build community with texts, traditions and tools.

The Treatment and Learning Centers (TLC) Outcomes Service

The Treatment and Learning Center’s Outcomes Service supports individuals with disabilities achieve independence through meaningful work.

Torah Live

Torah Live brings exciting, cutting edge technology to authentic Torah learning for Jews of all ages and backgrounds around the world.

Central Conference of American Rabbis

CCAR has created a program anchored in Jewish wisdom and informed by contemporary thinking to train leaders in organizational transition.

Moishe House

MH Peer-Led Retreats train Jewish young adults to transmit wisdom and facilitate transformative Jewish Retreat experiences for their peers

Congregation Emanu-El of the City of New York

Experiential education for 3rd-5th graders based on 2000 year old Jewish wisdom led by teens serving as role models of Jewish engagement

Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale

The Tzedek Fellowship, our signature social justice initiative, empowers students to integrate Jewish wisdom with experiential learning.

The Eden Center

Training mikveh attendants to ensure a sensitive and holistic immersion. Empowering them with connections to health and wellbeing resources.

Tablet Magazine

Unorthodox is an irreverent Jewish podcast, in which we put God and Torah in conversation with Drake and Adam Sandler.

Urban Adamah

A residential immersive ecospiritual-Jewish-social justice bootcamp for young Jews that ignites their connection to relevant living Judaism

American Jewish World Service

American rabbis apply Jewish text, tradition and history to demand justice for Dominicans stripped of their rights.

Yeshiva Darchei Torah

The WVP is a unique blend of vocational training & traditional Yeshiva education in an inclusionary model within a Hareidi Yeshiva setting.

Plaza Jewish Community Chapel, Inc.

A community partnership that encourages caring conversations about end of life and advance care planning with Jewish wisdom and resources

Jewish Learning Venture

WCI engages people with disabilities and their families and supports their ability to access a range of Jewish experiences.

Wilderness Torah

The Wilderness Torah Training Institute trains leaders from around the world in our nature-based, experiential Jewish K-7 mentorship model.

Institute for Jewish Spirituality

The Wise Aging program provides new resources and support to live the later years with spirit, resilience, and wisdom.

Women of the Book

Women of the Book is an international collaboration by 54 Jewish women artists expressed as a fine art exhibition, a book and a curriculum.

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom

Bringing Jewish and Muslim women together to build trust, respect, and relationships while limiting anti-Jewish and Muslim sentiment.

The Women's Jewish Learning Center

Young women leaders, building networks, applying Jewish texts to leadership best practices = a force for communal change.

Jewish Women International

“Women, Relationships & Jewish Texts” explore texts related to Jewish holidays to start conversations about healthy relationships

Oakland Hebrew Day School

The WBBM reclaims the strengths of the traditional beit midrash, where diverse learners find their own motivation to deepen their learning.

Yachad, the Jewish Educational Platform for Teens

Yachad radically transforms Jewish teen learning through innovative student-centered experiences that are personal, relevant and authentic.