A prize to recognize programs that excel in applying Jewish wisdom.


To help more people live better lives and create a better world.


Why a prize for applying Jewish wisdom?

The great question in American Jewish life today is not whether Jews will identify as Jewish. The vast majority do and do so proudly. The question is what consequences their Jewishness has for the lives they lead. At Lippman Kanfer Foundation for Living Torah, we believe that “Jewish wisdom” – the accumulating body of teaching and practice embodied in Jewish texts, traditions, rituals, history, and the lived experience of Jews today – can be a profound source of inspiration and guidance for individuals and communities seeking to live purposeful, fulfilling, and responsible lives. The great challenge and opportunity of our time is to help more Jews – and others – have access to this wisdom and apply it to the many dimensions of their lives, to be illuminated and enriched by it. We are proud to have the Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom shine a light on outstanding programs already doing this work – to inspire, encourage, and reward great ideas in applying Jewish wisdom.

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Lippman Kanfer Prize Winners

The Lippman Kanfer Prize for Applied Jewish Wisdom was first awarded in 2016, naming six exceptional awardees whose work helps people apply Jewish wisdom to live better lives and shape a better world. Meet the winners! You can also explore all our Semi-finalist Profiles.


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